In this first ManyBabies methodological project we are developing a remote (online) testing framework that can be used across a range of home environments in a wide array of countries. This include best practices in procedure, documentation, standardization, and analysis. Our initial focus is on measuring looks (for instance, in a visual preference paradigm), as it is the main dependent variable of many infant studies.

Recruiting infants in their homes can alleviate problems of high recruitment costs, since the burden for caregivers is smaller compared to a lab visit. Researchers can therefore potentially access larger, more diverse sample sizes, repeat experimental sessions, and assess test-retest reliability. Furthermore, children can be tested in a familiar environment, and in asynchronous setups at times that they are ready to participate.


Lorijn Zaadnoordijk, Sho Tsuji, Katie von Holzen, Helen Buckler, Rhodri Cusack

For a detailed index of collaborators (+ institutions, countries, studies), check the MB collaborator dashboard:


Surveys of the community’s needs and existing solutions, planning the first study on visual preference for different shapes.

  • Materials, Protocols, and Documentation: Google Drive.
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We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contribute and/or contact the project leads by e-mailing: L.Zaadnoordijk [at], tsujish [at], Helen.Buckler [at], rhodricusack [at]

Please note that access to infants/infant lab is not a prerequisite.