In this project we are creating unified demographic forms for ManyBabies projects, with instructions for how to customize it to particular countries and what fields are required or recommended to have. These forms would be thoughtful about how to ask questions about variables like prematurity, and would provide guidance about how to tailor questions about race/ethnicity or SES for labs in different countries (e.g., by relying on census categories).

If you are interested in collaborating or playing a leadership role in this project, please let us know.


Mihaela Barokova and Leher Singh.


Finalizing items for the demographics form(s)


We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contribute and/or contact Mihaela Barokova and Leher Singh.

Please note that access to infants/infant lab is not a prerequisite. You are also welcome if this is the first ManyBabies project in which you will participate.