In this ongoing project we investigate the test-retest reliability of the preferences measures used in ManyBabies1. Participating labs will bring in the tested babies for a second appointment retesting infants’ IDS preference looking time measure, allowing to compare test-retest reliability for three different methods that have been used to investigate preferential listening in infancy: The head-turn preference procedure, central fixation, and eye tracking.


Melanie Schreiner


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Final post-data collection and manuscript preparation.


We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contribute and/or contact the project lead by e-mailing: melanie.schreiner [at]

Please note that access to infants/infant lab is not a prerequisite.


Schreiner, M. S., Lippold, M., Soderstrom, M., Shukla, M., Bergmann, C., Frank, M. C., Hamlin, K., Gonzalez-Gomez, N. (2018, January 24). Assessing test-retest reliability of the infant preference measures