In this ongoing project we investigate a fundamental aspect of human nature: evaluating others’ actions as praiseworthy or blameworthy. We do so in a closely coordinated, multi-laboratory, standardized study aimed at replicating the helping/hindering finding reported by (Hamlin, Wynn, & Bloom, 2007). Using a video-taped version of the original puppet show, labs from around the world will collect data from infants between the ages of 5.5 and 10.5 months.

Project Leads


  • Pilot data collection complete
  • Stage 1 Registered Report has received an In Principle Acceptance to Developmental Science (read the preprint)
  • Collecting data (sign-up form)


We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contact the Project Leads (see above) or fill out the MB Sign-Up Form.

Please note that access to infants/infant lab is NOT a prerequisite.


Lucca, K., (…) Yuen, F., & Hamlin, J. K. (Stage 1 Registered Report). Infants’ Social Evaluation of Helpers and Hinderers: A Large-Scale, Multi-Lab, Coordinated Replication Study. PsyArXiv Preprint