The broader goals of ManyBabies (MB) come together through collaborative projects. They can be:

  1. Main projects: Test a question about infant development of key theoretical or methodological interest. They are numbered sequentially (e.g., MB1, MB2).
  2. Spin-off projects: Build on the methods or data from the main projects. For example, extending the study to a different population of infants (e.g., bilinguals) or follow-up data collection (e.g., longitudinal correlation with CDIs). They are identified with a letter following the main project abbreviation (e.g., MB1B, for bilinguals; MB1L, for longitudinal);
  3. Secondary analyses: Conducted on publicly-available MB data. In some cases, these analysis may include additional data not collected as part of MB. For example if an individual lab investigates relationships between their lab’s MB data and other data collected by their lab.

Main projects



Spin-off projects




Secondary Analyses


Get Involved

We encourage everyone who is interested in developmental research to get involved! Access to infants/infant lab is not a prerequisite.

New Projects

If you are interested in leading a new ManyBabies project (either a main project or a spin-off that would involve data collection across multiple labs), please check the project proposal form and/or contact the MB Governing Board.