The broader goals of ManyBabies come together in a set of collaborative projects. This page gives an (incomplete) overview of past and major ongoing ManyBabies projects, and this spreadsheet provides more complete list our different activities and initiatives. To add new activities and initiatives to the spreadsheet, please complete this form.

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ManyBabies Theory Paper

A statement of our broader goals as a group, available at

MB1: Infant-Directed Speech Preference

Topic: Do infants have a preference for infant-directed speech? How does this preference vary across age, method, and native language background?

Leads: Michael Frank and Melanie Soderstrom

Status: Completed.

Links: Project with Materials, Protocols, and Documentation. Listserv. Data and Code on Github.

MB1B: The Infant-Directed Speech Preference in Bilingual Infants

Topic: Is the preference for infant-directed speech modulated by bilingual language exposure?

Leads: Krista Byers-Heinlein

Status: Stage 2 Registered Report under review.

Links: OSF Project. Data and Code on Github. Listserv.

MB1L: Longitudinal Vocabulary Followup

Topic: Followup study to MB1 measuring the relationship between infant-directed speech preference and later vocabulary.

Leads: Melanie Soderstrom

Status: Data collection ongoing.

Links: OSF Project.

MB1: Native Languages Follow-up Study

Topic: How does IDS preference to NA English in MB1 compare to IDS preference measured in non-English speaking babies’ native language?

Leads: Natalia Kartushina & Virginie Durier

Status: Stimulus creation and data collection.

Links: OSF Project

MB1: Test-Retest Followup

Topic: How reliable is the looking-time measure collected in MB1?

Leads: Melanie Schreiner

Status: Final post-data collection manuscript preparation.

Links: Contact leads for more information.

MB1: Africa

Topic: Do infants growing up in a range of African nations show a preference for infant-directed speech?

Leads: Angeline Tsui, Casey Lew-Williams, Michael Frank

Status: Planning and training prior to data collection.

Links: Contact leads for more information.

MB1: Other followups

  • Comparison to meta-analytic data (leads: Christina Bergmann, Riccardo Fusaroli)
  • Analysis of supplemental demographic variables (lead: Melissa Kline)

MB2: Theory of Mind in Infancy

Topic: Do infants show anticipatory looking that reflects the false belief of another agent?

Leads: Hannes Rakoczy, Tobias Schuwerk, Dora Kampis, Michael Frank

Status: Stage 1 Registered Report under revision.

Links: OSF Project. Listserv.

MB3: Rule Learning

Topic: Do infants learn and generalize identity-based rules from speech stimuli?

Leads: Ingmar Visser, Clartje Levelt

Status: Stimulus creation ongoing.

Links: OSF Project. Listserv.

MB4: Moral Evaluation

Topic: Do infants prefer agents who are seen to help over those who are seen to hinder?

Leads: Kelsey Lucca, Kiley Hamlin

Status: Pilot data collection complete.

Links: Main Website. OSF Project. Listserv.

MB5: The Hunter & Ames model

Topic: What factors shape infants’ preferences for familiar and novel stimuli?

Leads: Jessica Kosie, Martin Zettersten, Christina Bergmann, and Casey Lew-Williams

Status: Nothing has happened yet. This summer, we’ll send out a call for participation.

Lessons Learned from ManyBabies 1

This paper shares lessons learned over the course of ManyBabies 1 and articulates our vision for the role of large-scale collaborations in the field.

Links: Preprint.

New Projects

If you are interested in leading a new ManyBabies project (either a main project or a spin-off that would involve data collection across multiple labs), please look at the project proposal form and/or contact the ManyBabies governing board at