As part of the spin-off to the main MB2 study (MB2P: Pupil) we will add a final scene at the end of the study, i.e., after the final video was presented, which shows the chaser exiting the tube either on the side where the chasee is currently hiding (chasee-box-side) or on opposite side (empty-box-side). This sequence will be added to the main study in order to test the concurrent validity of using measures of pupil dilation and looking time. Importantly, the spin-off will not interfere with the already established study design! But it will require all participating labs to make sure that the very last video participants see contains the final resolution scene. There are four experimental conditions based on two experimental factors with two levels each: knowledge vs. ignorance and chasee-box-side vs. empty-box-side.



Developing processing pipeline and other materials


We encourage everyone who is interested in the project to contact the Project Leads (see above) or fill out the MB Sign-Up Form.

Please note that access to infants/infant lab is NOT a prerequisite.