We’re excited to have you join our team! In addition to collecting data, there are many contribution opportunities (e.g., study design, data analysis, writing) which do not require access to an infant lab. All are welcome!

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to indicate your interest in getting involved. Your responses to the form will be shared with the relevant Project Leads. You are also encouraged to subscribe to project listservs (see list below).

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New Projects

If you are interested in leading a new ManyBabies project (either a main project or a spin-off that would involve data collection across multiple labs), please fill the project proposal form and/or contact the MB Governing Board.


If you are a ManyBabies collaborator, don’t forget to keep an updated record of your MB-related activities and initiatives (e.g., workshops, talks etc.). In this spreadsheet you can check a more complete list of MB activities and initiatives. To add new activities and initiatives, please complete this form.

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