We’re excited to have you join our team! In addition to collecting data, there are many contribution opportunities (e.g., study design, data analysis, writing) which do not require access to an infant lab. All are welcome!

If you know which project you are interested in joining, you can email one or more of the Project Leads directly. You are also encouraged to subscribe to project listservs to receive project updates and communications (see links below).

If you’re unsure of how you’d like to contribute or you’d like to talk with us about contribution opportunities, please fill out the Interest Form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

You are also welcome to join us at our monthly “Drop-in Hours” (currently on the first Thursday of each month). Times and links to join can be found in our calendar.

Listservs and Contact Info

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Contact info: Governing Board, Executive Director (more info available here)
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MB1: Infant-Directed Speech Preference

Project Status: Complete
Project Leads: Michael Frank, Melanie Soderstrom

MB1A: Infant-Directed Speech Preference in African Infants

Project Status: Collecting data
Project Leads: Alex Carstensen, George Kachergis, Angeline Tsui, Casey Lew-Williams, Michael Frank
MB1A listserv: Subscribe

MB1B: Infant-Directed Speech Preference in Bilingual Infants

Project Status: Complete
Project Lead: Krista Byers-Heinlein

MB1G: Gaze Following in Monolingual and Bilingual Infants

Project Status: Complete
Project Lead: Krista Byers-Heinlein

MB1L: Longitudinal Vocabulary Follow-up

Project Status: Stage 2 manuscript prep
Project Lead: Melanie Soderstrom
MB1L listserv: Subscribe

MB1N: Native Languages Follow-up

Project Status: Collecting data
Project Leads: Natalia Kartushina, Virginie Durier

MB1T: Test-Retest Follow-up

Project Status: Final manuscript prep
Project Lead: Melanie Schreiner
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MB2: Theory of Mind in Infancy

Project Status: Collecting data
Project Leads: Tobias Schuwerk, Dora Kampis, Hannes Rakoczy, Michael Frank
MB2 listserv: Subscribe

MB2P: Pupil Dilation to Measure Violation-of-Expectation

Project Status: Preparing analysis pipeline; Collecting data
Project Lead: Robert Hepach
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MB3: Rule Learning

Project Status: Collecting data
Project Leads: Ingmar Visser, Andreea Geambasu, Claartje Levelt, Melanie Soderstrom
MB3 listserv: Subscribe

MB3N: Rule Learning using NIRS

Project Status: Developing analysis pipeline; preparing Stage 1 RR manuscript
Project Lead: Judit Gervain
MB3N listserv: Subscribe
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MB4: Social Evaluation

Project Status: Collecting data
Project Leads: Kelsey Lucca, Francis Yuen, Kiley Hamlin
MB4 listserv: Subscribe

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MB5: The Hunter & Ames Model of Infant Looking Preference

Project Status: Finalizing stimuli; Stage 1 RR manuscript under review
Project Leads: Jessica Kosie, Martin Zettersten, Christina Bergmann, Dima Amso, Casey Lew-Williams
MB5 listserv: Subscribe
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MB6: Neonatal and Early Imitation

Project Status: Study design; Team formation
Project Leads: Sumeet Farwaha, Andrew Meltzoff, Elizabeth Simpson, Virginia Slaughter, Mark Nielsen, Rechele Brooks
MB6 listserv: Subscribe
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MB-AtHome: Online Infant Data Collection

Project Status: Translating materials; Collecting pilot data
Project Leads: Lorijn Zaadnoordijk, Sho Tsuji, Katie Von Holzen, Helen Buckler, Rhodri Cusack
MB-AH listserv: Subscribe
MB-AH Slack: Join workspace
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MB-Demographics: Standard Demographics for MB Projects

Project Status: Manuscript submitted
Project Leads: Leher Singh, Mihaela Barokova
MB-Demo listserv: Subscribe
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MB-ManyWebcams: Web-based Eye Tracking for Infant Studies

Project Status: Manuscript submitted
Project Leads: Tobias Schuwerk, Adrian Steffan, Lucie Zimmer
MB-MW listserv: Subscribe

Secondary Analyses

Comparison to meta-analytic data

Project Leads: Christina Bergmann, Riccardo Fusaroli

Analysis of supplemental demographic variables

Project Lead: Melissa Kline Struhl

New Projects

If you are interested in leading a new ManyBabies project (either a main project or a spin-off that would involve data collection across multiple labs), please fill the project proposal form and/or contact the MB Governing Board.

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