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ManyBabies website

The ManyBabies Project

ManyBabies is a collaborative project for replication and best practices in developmental psychology research. Our goal is to bring labs together to address difficult outstanding theoretical and methodological questions about the nature of early development and how it is studied.



We currently have three ongoing projects:

If you are interested in participating or leading a new ManyBabies project, please contact mcfrank (at) stanford dot edu.

Governance and Funding

The ManyBabies Governing Board is the group of individuals responsible for governance decisions in the ManyBabies project, including decisions about funding, new projects, and other project-wide concerns.

ManyBabies gratefully acknowledges funding from:


To learn more about the ManyBabies, approach, you can read our paper:

Frank, M. C., Bergelson, E., Bergmann, C., Cristia, A., Floccia, C., Gervain, J., Hamlin, J. K., Hannon, E. E., Kline, M., Levelt, C., Lew-Williams, C., Nazzi, T., Panneton, R., Rabagliati, H., Soderstrom, M., Sullivan, J., Waxman, S., Yurovsky, D. (in press). A collaborative approach to infant research: Promoting reproducibility, best practices, and theory-building. Infancy.